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In our focus industries, we are looking for the business ideas which fit into any of the certain categories explained below.

  1. Existing business which you want to scale: If you an existing business which you have been running for a while but not able to grow it due to lack of capital or other resources, we are interested. In this category we look for:
    1. Existing businesses with proven track record,
    2. Must be profitable,
    3. Must be replicable.

Franchise businesses would fall in this category but many other businesses can fall into this category.

  1. Creative ideas: Almost all of great companies started with an idea which solved some problem which a larger group of people are facing at their home or work. We look for similar ideas. We do not need a complete business plan. All we look for is that the idea solves a current problem, has a competitive advantage and is practical and executable (apart from the pre-requisites as stated above).
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