Our Portfolio
Our current Portfolio includes:

Hometown Urgent Care
  Hometown Urgent Care is Ohio’s largest and one of the leading provider of Urgent Care Services in the Midwest. Urgent Care Industry is at the forefront of efforts to deliver cost effective and convenient health care services to patients and also employers. Aspirations Partners’ president Manoj Kumar co-founded Hometown Urgent Care and made it one of the fastest growing urgent care company in the year 2010. In May 2011, majority ownership of Hometown was sold to a leading private equity company, Ridgemont Equity Partners. Manoj’s family holds minority position in Hometown.

Cellular Retail Chain: SK
  Aspiration partners are strategic consultant for SK Investments and Holdings LLC. SKIH has acquired chain of post-paid cellular phone stores. SKIH aspire to become on the leading operator of the Cellular Phone stores in next 3-5 years.

Real Estate Holding
  Aspiration Partners have partnered with a young real estate business aspiring to grow their existing business to provide capital and strategic guidance.

StepUp Rehab
  StepUp Rehab specializes in providing comprehensive outpatient physical therapy and fitness services. Physical Therapy industry has seen consistent growth partially. Payors prefer physical therapy modalities before surgical interventions due to cost considerations and due to the long term benefits of therapy in enhancing the core strength and mobility of the patients. StepUp plans to expand into providing physical therapy services to nursing homes, long-term care facilities, home care providers and providing athletic training services to schools, teams and clubs in the near future.
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