Our Team
Manoj Kumar, JD, CPA
President and Founder
Years of Experience in Building Companies: 15

Manoj is a seasoned entrepreneur and has built many successful businesses. Manoj, a licensed Attorney and CPA, holds five masters’ degrees and boasts a strong academic background including 4th position in the CPA (Ohio) and 3rd in his Law School (Summa Cum Laude) besides numerous other academic performance awards.

Manoj’s passion is to create unique and value driven business models and doing it in a manner which is fun and a team approach. His believes in taking a long term approach and trusting in one’s guts.

His recent venture was building an urgent care business, Hometown Urgent Care. Quite early, Manoj recognized the fragmented nature of urgent care industry and need for consolidation of the industry through regional & national brands. He envisioned Hometown to be the leading brand in the Midwest. In a short span of 5 years, he and his team made Hometown the fastest growing and also the largest urgent care company in Ohio. Fast execution and innovation were trademarks of Hometown under Manoj’s leadership. Recently he sold majority of his holding in Hometown to a leading private equity firm.

Manoj bring critical skills for creating a successful business as an entrepreneur, as a law and accounting professional and also as a visionary.

Manoj Kumar

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