Our Team
George Thomas
Vice President
Years of Experience in Building Companies: 12

George is an operations’ and logistic expert who has turned around and grown small to medium size businesses aggressively. George loves challenging environments where the unknowns are too many and need for getting the job done is high. He possesses incredible work ethics and exceptional sales and operational skills among others.

George’s special focus is on the retail sector. He has deep understanding of the prepaid and postpaid cellular phone industry, food industry and retail healthcare industry. In the cellular phone industry he grew a small chain multifold. He also diversified the business into food industry among others. In retail healthcare, he was a member of the senior management team for the largest Urgent Care business which was among the fastest growing urgent care in the nation. He was involved in many acquisition of small business and their successful transition to the new owners.

Currently George is leading a company to create one of the largest cellular phone operators in the Southeast and Midwest region apart from exploring other opportunities for Aspiration Partners.

George Thomas

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